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Welcome to our blog. It is written by Ros Jenkins, one of the founding parents behind our team.

"We started our journey in March 2014. By June we'd been accepted on to the New School's Network Development Programme, we submitted our application to the Department for Education in October, were interviewed in January and found out we'd been successful in March 2015. It has been the most crazy and surreal year, when I was mostly off on maternity leave, juggling two small children during planning meetings, working through the night then getting the kids their breakfast at 6am. And now we start actually setting up a school. The journey seemed worth recording - so here is our blog"

Our blog entries are listed on the right. We'll move to a 'proper' blog platform as soon as we've worked out how to integrate it with our site, at which point you'll be able to leave comments.

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Feb 5, 2018

So, the news is out. Mariposa is over.

As we lick our wounds and work out what our lives look like now, I can finally write a blog post or two about the experience. Apologies for length – it has been a while!

Jul 1, 2017

Starting a new school is a long process, full of lots of hoops and reports and boring stuff that neither generates much fun or much news. We are often asked by parents for updates, as we haven’t posted much news lately. Invariably I reply with, ‘Well, we’re working on the planning process – having meetings with the ESFA (the newly-renamed Education and Skills Funding Agency) and Harrow Council and working on all the detailed plans for our curriculum and school policies and procedures’.

May 31, 2016
There are many things about our journey to starting Mariposa that have been frustrating, but none as much as the battle to announce our site. We want to be completely open and involve our community as much as possible with the new school. However, for this part, that is completely out of our hands.

Here is why…

Mar 11, 2016
We are back and things are moving fast! Our site is close to being announced, we have identified two new roles on our Steering Committee and we are advertising for our first Head Teacher.

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