School Café

We are aiming to develop a school café. This is important, because we want to create a space where children are expected to take responsibility for themselves, where they are listened to and respected. And where staff and parents want to eat too. A community space that is at the heart of the school, where we eat, talk and relax together.

There will be three meals available:

Breakfast club
Lunch – hot and cold meals
Supper – available to children staying for supper club, which parents are welcome to join.

We want all members of our community to feel they can join us for meals, which means we will cater for all, including pure vegetarian and vegan, gluten free, kosher and halal.

As we develop our site we will offer chances to get involved with planning our café. Some other suggested ideas, which we will explore:
  • Parents able to join breakfast club too – or at least get a takeaway coffee!
  • the café and playground built next to each other, and available to the community outside school hours.
  • Locally sourced and seasonal food, contributing to healthy and environmentally friendly meals.
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