Creative Curriculum

We are convinced that creativity and fun is incredibly important if children are to develop a love of learning.

Primary school is building the foundations for a lifetime of learning. It is also about building the skills so that children are able to put their learning to good use. There is no point in being amazing at literacy or numeracy if all you can do is pass exams. You need to be able to use your knowledge in making things, creating things, solving problems and achieving in the real world.

Step forward the creative curriculum. A curriculum that measures success not only in making sure all children excel in what we can test, but that they are interesting, happy and creative individuals. We are looking for that spark – that spark that shines through in university and job interviews, that spark that assures you that person is going to go on to do something amazing. And when we find the thing that makes it shine, we are going to value, nurture and celebrate it. And our curriculum will make sure we’re able to do that.

  1. Thematic education 
    We structure our days around ‘themes’, not subjects
  2. Challenge weeks
    A different way of learning, a different set of skills.
  3. Language and communication
    Developing children’s voices, confidence and ability to be persuasive communicators.
  4. Music and the arts
    Essential for happiness, for energy, for confidence and to develop a sense of belonging and community, the arts are also of great benefit to academic achievement.
  5. Outdoors and active
    To be healthy, children need to move, to run and explore. Nature and physical activity is a powerful tool for education.
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