Extended school

Our school will be open 8am - 6pm.

Breakfast Club

We will have a breakfast club from 8am, where children can grab a healthy breakfast if they've not eaten before and chat and play with staff and friends.

Added Activities

After school we will run free school activities until 4.30pm. This extra time will allow us to increase the amount of music, movement and creative activities. More than just an after school club, our extended school will allow teachers, children and parents to work together to use children's interests to engage them with learning and developing skills in a different way. But it is optional, allowing parents and children to choose what is right for them.

Supper Club

We know it can be hard for working parents to cook a proper dinner before children go to bed, so we will be running a 'Supper Club'.
Beginning at 4.30pm, this more relaxed, informal club recreates the family meal for our school community. Children who attend this club will have time to play with their friends, relax with a book or work on their own projects before sitting down together for a nutritious meal. Parents and carers are welcome to come and join us to eat too.
We will need to make a small charge to cover the cost of this provision. Vegetarians and other dietary requirements will be welcome.

Community School

It is important to us that our site is a community resource. We will be opening our school to providers of classes and activities for parents, carers and the community and hiring out facilities. In fact, we are designing our site with this in mind, to make it as accessible to the wider community as possible.

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