Proposed site

The proposed site for Mariposa Primary School is the Old Lyonian Sports Ground, located at 74 Pinner View, Harrow:

Map showing proposed school site

Visiting the site

Please note that Mariposa has not yet taken ownership of the site, which is still home to a nursery and various clubs and groups. It is important that this is respected, and therefore we ask that Mariposa supporters do not make unannounced visits to the site. 

About the site

The site is approximately 6 acres, so it has plenty of outdoor green space to enable us to deliver our educational vision. The proposed site for Mariposa:

  • is in the part of the borough with the greatest need for more primary school places
  • will enable outdoor learning to play a big part in school life
  • has is plenty of space for sports, for the school and the local community

What happens next?

Our team is now working with a professional design team, who have started the pre-application planning process. The planning process will be conducted as with any other planning application, including pre-application consultation with Harrow Council’s Planning Department, stakeholder organisations such as Sport England, and local residents.

Once the planning consultation is complete, a planning application will be submitted to Harrow Council. It will be decided independently, like any other application. The final purchase of the site is subject to planning approval.

Although still subject to the planning process, this is a significant milestone in building the school and our community. We look forward to working with local residents as we develop our plans.

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