Strong relationships

Research is extremely clear about the benefits of strong, respectful relationships in a child’s life. If we want children to do well, then it is crucial that teachers, parents/carers and children have the time together to develop these relationships and that every child and family feels that their needs are understood and being met.

Currently, if a child is diagnosed with a special educational need or a disability, they will receive an individual plan. We believe that all children have individual needs and therefore these plans should be expanded to cover all children.

However, we’ve no desire to increase the amount of paperwork teachers have to do. We have increased the amount of non-teaching time we allocate to our class teachers to allow them to spend more time talking to parents and individual children. We are also working with IT experts, including one of the leading IT in education academics, to cut down on paperwork whilst increasing the level of teacher-parent-child interaction to form, review and put Individual Learning Plans into place. And to form and continue to build strong, respectful relationships.

What will this be like for families?

Every child will have an Individual Learning Plan drawn up in partnership with their families and themselves. In most schools, you would find a parent’s evening at the end of the term. At Mariposa, learning starts with a session where parents, children and teachers sit down together to look at the child’s needs and interests and set some goals for the coming term. The plans will then be entered onto the computer system in a shared space – where parents, children and teachers can log in and record the child’s work and progress. This will include photographs of children’s work, and a chance for children to reflect on that work (an important part of developing a good learning mindset).  This will give both a record of the child’s work and a way families can become involved with their learning as a partner – you will be able to upload things they have worked on and achieved outside school too.

Furthermore, teachers will upload plans for the term. So if there is a theme or activity coming up that you think you might be able to help with or contribute to, you’ll be able to (and with enough time to plan this properly too). We really value volunteers and wider community involvement.
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