Our vision

A happy and exciting school that supports and nurtures a community of individuals, opens their minds and gives them the skills and motivation to become successful citizens of the world, whatever their talents, circumstances or backgrounds.

Our mission

To create a school that enables children to be citizens of the world and provides them with the skills to take on this role.

We will enable our children to be citizens of the world by teaching languages early (the optimum time to learn them), by fostering curiosity, developing the ability to think independently and giving them the skills to clearly articulate their views.

Children are individuals; a school should support and encourage their individual skills and motivations.

We will build a school that will be loved by children; where children are fully involved, respected and take ownership of their own learning. Where learning takes place both in and out of the classroom, using innovative methods, creativity and play to inspire high achievement, and where the school environment supports children to be themselves.

We will ensure every person has an equal chance to excel, and we lead by example.

We support all families to be involved in their children’s education and recognise that one size does not fit all. We also recognise the importance of supporting parents to work and ensuring that no child is disadvantaged by circumstance.

The excellence of our school is demonstrated by ensuring our children have the foundations to achieve their potential, wherever their journey takes them. Our research and evidence based approach will look at what works long term – not just to pass a test. We will be rigorous in evaluating how our school is doing on a wide range of measures, constantly challenging ourselves to improve and sharing our knowledge.

We will engage families and communities in our school, both to support educational success and the personal and emotional development of our children. We will build a culture of mutual respect, understanding and equality as this is essential in the world we wish to create.

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